Our project

Dear sir/ madam,

This is an important message from AviicoNFT! (we aren’t fools that we write mails on our own website. But in this way, it might receive your attention ;-).

A while back we first heard about NFTs. We started our own students company, and after a lot of thinking we have developed our own AVIICO NFT strategy!!

At the moment we are working hard on our first NFT project. We are setting up a project where investing in our NFTs will not only bring in a lot of money for the investor, but investing in our NFTs will also improve our world.

Our big goal is to give people the opportunity to make money by making our world a better place!

For questions about our project, feel free to send us a message on whatsapp! (The whatsapp button is at the right bottom of the screen!😉)

Thanks for reading!

Yours sincerely,

Team Aviico