About us

Who are we exactly?

We are three ambitious students. We are in the 5th grade of the Havo, in high school👨‍🎓.

When we heard about NFTs, we were immediately enthusiastic. Here are the opportunities! The idea that a digital object can have value is huge.

We immediately started working on this and started a business in NFTs.

And in June 2021 we finally started our first NFT project.

But how does it work?

Our big goal is to create opportunities for investors, that they get a lot of profit from their investments, and thereby also improve our world 🌎👍🏻.

We are working on a serie NFTs to decrease the impact of big problems in our world. Problems that either put peoples life in danger, or make life harder. Big problems like climate change and poverty. Long story short, problems that need to be solved.

After much thought about the NFT concept, we developed our own strategy.

Yes okay, and how exactly does that strategy work?🤔

This strategy is still a secret for now, but we are going to organize a big event (the date has not yet been set) for all NFT fans, in which we will announce everything.

Shame🙄! Are there any other things you can say?

Oh yes, we can say, for example, that we are going to make 900 NFTs divided into 3 categories.

And that we are going to use 25% of the proceeds from these NFTs to make our world a better place.

In addition to this we work together with international foundations, to spend the money from the NFTs as usefully as possible.

Moreover, we invite you to our event in which we will explain everything!!

Follow us on instagram (@Aviico_NFT) for the date of the event, and for daily updates.

Team members

A motivated person, overflowing with enthusiasm!

Mees (16): When I heard about NFTs I was immediately enthusiastic, this is an invention that will have a massive impact on the internet.

I immediately called my friends and we started a business in NFTs.

And yes, I know that we will succeed in making this a perfect company. It will probably take a while to get known, but that’s okay. Our idea is good.

I have always wanted to do something for the world. So when this idea came along, we also knew we had to link it to making the world a better place. And we did! 25% of our proceeds will be donated.

I am the manager of Team Aviico. I have to make sure that everything happens quickly and effectively. I like to work with a team towards an end goal. This is gonna be huge!!

Tall, and way too good with computers!

Laurens (17): One day I received a phone call from Mees that he had made a discovery. It was about a whole new internet market that had a future. That same week we started a company in NFTs.

My job is pretty much all the difficult computer work.

I think this will work. Especially because the NFT market has not been around for long. We have come up with a pretty good game plan, so I am looking forward to it!

Horribly funny, full of confidence, and good at English!

Wilmar (17): When I heard about NFTs I was a bit ironic at first, but when I heard the whole story I knew it was well put together.

I see this as a game (I see everything as a game). You have to know how it works, and then just try to get to the top. You have to get good at it to compete against the best players.

We are an international company so everything is done in English. We are 3 Dutch guys and I’m pretty much the only person who speaks fluent English. So yes, my job is mainly to translate, and to do all of the speaking.

I am very curious what this project will be. The rules of the game are quite complicated, but I think we are going to play this at the top.